A paper with OYSTER acknowledgment nominated for the 2022 Best Paper Award of the journal “Nanomaterials”

The paper “Nano-Scale Residual Stress Profiling in Thin Multilayer Films with Non-Equibiaxial Stress State” (by Università degli studi Roma Tre et al.) which has an OYSTER acknowledgment, has been nominated for the 2022 Best Paper Award of the journal “Nanomaterials. This award will be presented to research and review articles published in Nanomaterials in 2020. Winners will be announced at the end of August 2022.  To access the paper please visit this link.

OYSTER Open Day 2022 Workshop – 17 March 2022

The OYSTER Project is pleased to announce its final exploitation and dissemination workshop which is taking place on the 17 March 2022, via ZOOM digital platform.

This will be a great opportunity to meet the OYSTER partners and learn about activities and the results of this project, from the project partners presentations and exhibitions on our EXPO page. It would be also the time to discuss opportunities and challenges in development of materials characterisation Open Innovation Environment (OIE).

Delegates who have already registered to participate on this event, are coming from leading organisations such as: Centro Ricerche FIAT S.C.p.A., Ansys UK, Keysight Technologies GmbH, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (BNN), ELODIZ, Evonik Operations GmbH, Advanced Material Simulation S.L., Fundación TEKNIKER, Institut Laue-Langevin, ICP-CSIC, Università degli Studi di Torino, Montanuniversität Leoben – MUL, Materia Nova, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-LTFN, Institute of Nanotechnology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, BASF SE, Unilever, Fraunhofer IFAM, IMDEA Materials Institute, TEMAS Solutions GmbH, among others. 

Participation to this event is free, but registration is required. More information, including registration form and agenda will be available shortly from the Workshops page at this link You can also download the agenda from this link.

OYSTER CWA Published

The OYSTER Project has the pleasure to inform that the CWA related to the project (CWA17815:2021) has been published by CEN. This document gives the foundations for a wider adoption of the CHADA principle by other projects and stakeholders.

You can download the document, from the CEN website or directly through this link.

The 2021 CEN-CENELEC awards ceremony – OYSTER Project Coordinator nominated

The 2021 CEN-CENELEC awards ceremony will be taking place on the 5th October 2021 at 15:30 – 16:45 (CEST Time). Dr Eng. Marco Sebastiani (Università degli studi Roma Tre), OYSTER Project Coordinator was nominated under the category Individual Researcher/Innovator Award for his work on the OYSTER Project.
To get more information and/or participate in this ceremony, please follow this link

OYSTER participation at the NanoTexnology Workshop on the 3-10 July 2021

The OYSTER Project was invited to present at the NanoTexnology conference on the 3-10 July at Thessaloniki, Greece. Dr. Eng. Marco Sebastiani, Ph. D. from the UniRomaTre (Project Coordinator), gave a talk on the at this conference titled: “H2020 OYSTER – novel metadata structures for advanced materials characterisation”.
The event had the participation of more than 150 Plenary, Keynote & Invited Speakers, coming from global Academia, Research & Industrial entities.
Some of the topics covered at this workshop were:

  • Open Innovation for Multiscale Modelling of Materials
  • Open Innovation for Multiscale Characterization of Materials
  • Modelling Data Analysis (MODA)
  • Process and Manufacturing
  • Standardisation needs in the Manufacturing Sector
  • Industry needs on Open Innovation Approaches
  • Business Models and Sustainability for Open Innovation Databases


The OYSTER Project showcased at European Research and Innovation Exhibition – 23 & 24 June 2021.

The OYSTER Project was showcased at the European Research and Innovation Exhibition on the 23 & and 24 June. The Exhibition displayed information of over 100 EU-funded projects, this was part of the European Research and Innovation Days.

The European Research and Innovation Days is the European Commission’s annual flagship Research and Innovation even, which brings together policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and the public to debate and shape the future of Research and Innovation in Europe and beyond.

OYSTER article on Materials Design publication

The OYSTER partners Politecnico di Torino and Uni Roma3 have published an article in the magazine Materials Design, about their work demonstrating the full integration between modelling and characterization in this project. The article Integrated Molecular Dynamics and Experimental Approach to Characterize Low-Free-Energy Perfluoro-Decyl-Acrylate (PFDA) Coated Silicon, can be read at the following link.